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If you want to feel confident and sophisticated, you can reach for a pair of heels, but choosing a pair based solely on looks can cause a lot of pain. Inappropriate heels not only ruin your chances of wearing them, but they can also leave you feeling sore and blistered for days afterward. Experts say there are actually many heels on the market that check boxes in terms of both style and functionality. Whether you're looking for a specific height, material, or shape, the list below offers options that fit your needs, as well as general advice on what to look for when shopping for comfortable heels.

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Pâtissier depuis 2016 et spécialisé dans le wedding cake à la française, je réalise une pâtisserie épurée, légère et peu sucrée, centrée sur le Goût. Un équilibre parfait valorisant ainsi les produits de qualités utilisés.  
A votre écoute, j'ai à coeur de réaliser un dessert qui vous correspond et fait sens pour votre projet.

Des desserts justes et équilibrés. "

 - Mickaël Iachini

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  • Accompagnée de créations florales (sur demande).

Top 5 Popular Presents This Year

Go-To Block Heel Pump

A low block heel and forgiving toe box keep your toes comfortable all night long. These classic black pumps check all the boxes when it comes to comfort and timeless style.The shoes feature a block heel that tops out at just the right inch for stability. We recommend keeping your heels under 3 inches. Go-To Heel's almond-shaped toe is a classic design that does not pinch your toes. A rubber outsole provides cushioning when your foot hits the ground, giving your ankle and joints a break. Note that even though these shoes are labeled as

Finley Closed Toe Heel

Light cork makes it easy to walk in heels. Podiatrists advise avoiding flat insoles for most foot types. But it’s especially important for those with flat feet who need a shoe with the right arch to provide the balance and support they need. These lightweight cork heels have built-in arch support and a memory foam footbed to hug your feet. Although the heel height is above the recommended three inches, the toe platform compensates for the height, and they’ve been specially designed to distribute weight evenly and support your unique arch position.

Ziva Kitten Heel

A timeless classic that provides ankle support with the backstrap and a flared heel for added stability. Podiatrists recommend wearing supportive flats for sore feet, but if you want to spice up your outfit with comfortable heels, the lower the better. Our expert suggests looking out for shoes with improved heel midsole cushioning and support. This can help protect the plantar fascia from becoming strained. These kitten heels feature a contoured foot design and deep heel cups that support the fascia in your feet. Note that these shoes are a little narrow - they may not be great for people with wide feet.

Everly Pump

Available in three widths, these pumps feature walkable heels and provide non-slip outsoles. With a pair of pumps like these Naturalizer Everly heels, you may be able to get through the day without any discomfort. They sit below the recommended 3-inch heel height and feature the brand’s signature open-cell foam padding to make it feel like you’re wearing the shoes and not the other way around. Choose from one of three widths (narrow, medium, wide) and strut with a pair of shoes that works for day or night, casual or special occasions.

Round-Toe Chunky Heels

These rounded-toe shoes provide an antibacterial, deodorizing cushion to keep your feet fresh. Anyone who has bunions should pay special attention to the toe box. Rounded or square boxes are better because pointed ones will add more pressure in that area. These heels from Vivaia have rounded toes to prevent worsening bunions, and their upper areas are knitted with flexible stretch. They’re also quite low at a little less than two inches to ease the pressure from your feet. And they have a non-slip rubber sole to help you stay put. If you have wide feet, we recommend selecting one size up for extra comfort.

4 Tips to Find Comfortable Heels

Know Your Right Shoe Size

It may sound silly, but a 2017 survey by the Podiatric Society found that almost half of the women in the UK alone are wearing the wrong shoe size. Your foot sizes change over the years, especially after having kids. When buying shoes, measure both width and length. A lot of people think it's wide or vice versa and it's not, so make sure to check that out before shopping.

The Thicker The Heel, The Better

Avoid thin heels: the stilettos. These heels often cause your feet to wobble around. If you wear stilettos every day, you may want to consider a chunkier heel style and change it up a bit. Chunky heels don't wobble as easily as high heels, which helps prevent your ankle from snapping.

Try a Shoe with More Top Coverage

The more coverage you have on the top of your feet, the better. Sometimes, you can wear high heels all day and they don’t bother your feet as much. In the summer, you can try something with an ankle strap or a large wide strap over the top. If you are worried about blisters and friction, you might want to try something that covers more of the top of your foot.

Opt for Platform Heels

Platform heels are more comfortable than single-sole heels because the actual heel is shorter than the heel height. The platform also reduces the impact of your feet touching the ground, reducing discomfort. However, thicker platform heels can cause your foot to wobble and your ankle to snap, especially if the platform is very thick and the heel is stiletto. The shoe should be a good ratio between a thick platform and a fitting heel.

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Spécialiste du Wedding cake à la "française", je vous propose des gâteaux élégants et savoureux personnalisés selon le thème de votre mariage et sublimés de compositions florales si vous le souhaitez.

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High-heels are one of the most popular fashion trends in 2023. There are many different styles, colors and materials to choose from when looking for high-heels that will make you feel comfortable. In this article we will go over five of the most comfortable high heels available on the market today so that you can find your perfect pair!

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